It's All Good... Baby (Uh-Huh!)

You know, I don't think Spidey has had it so good in the last five years. Let's add up the good news...

  • Marvel re-did Spidey's origin - and it didn't suck (in fact, it rocks)!
  • A video game was released, and it's really good. Game magazines rave about it.
  • Paul Jenkins (excellent) replaced Howard Mackie (awful) on PPSM (Vol.2).
  • J. Michael Straczynski (should be good) will replace Howard Mackie on ASM (Vol.2).
  • Byrne's Spider-Woman (Vol.3) has been canned.
  • The new Daredevil/Spider-Man is awesome.
  • Spider-Girl (hey, I like it) is solid on 50,000 issues sold a month.
  • Spidey is finally getting a big-budget movie.

Hey, if you ask me, this looks like a new golden age of Spider-Man.