Alicia For MJ?

Rumours abound that Alicia Witt is a current favourite to play Mary-Jane in the upcoming Spider-Man movies. Hey, come on, after Jean Grey's delectable demonstration of... talent... in the X-Men film, surely it's time Spider-Man fans had a little something to call their very own.

Alicia Witt, in case you didn't know, played the youngest daughter in TV's Cybill. She's pretty much a certified genius, a highly talented classical pianist. She gained her high school diploma at the age of 14, and is generally an extra-ordinarily talented human being.

At the age of 10, she won a part in "Dune" as that spooky Gene Besserit girl. David Lynch wrote a part into "Twin Peaks" specially for her. She played Madonna's girlfriend in "Four Rooms", won the Special Jury award at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival for her role in "Fun", appeared in "Mr. Holland's Opus", and generally seems to do a damn fine job of whatever comes her way.

Myself, I thought the Jean Grey role in X-Men was extra-ordinarily weak. Sure, she shows a delectable absence of panty-line, but there's more than that to being a super-hero. I just hope that Alicia gets a real chance to demonstrate the real spirit and independance which the role of Mary-Jane really deserves. Sure, M-J isn't a super-hero, but she played a crucial role for fifteen years of Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacy was the nice, home-town girl. Yeah, great, whatever. But Mary-Jane came from a tough background, and she has to be more than just a nice bit of cheesecake. I'm expecting somebody with a real spine, who lives her own life the way she wants it. We don't need some bimbo who spends the whole movie being captured and rescued by Spider-Man. Let's see somebody who is worthy of the part. Like Alicia.

Oh, yeah, and she has to look way cute in a slinky red number too.