Ultimate Spidey

Chapter One was firmly rejected by pretty much everyone here at the Unofficial Page. So what did we make of Ultimate Spider-Man? Well, here to prove once again that it's not what you do - it's how you do it, is Mike Fichera.

Mike Reckons (and we generally agree)...

I thought it was well done. I never was a huge Bagley fan, but he really outdid himself here. He was an architect before winning the Marvel Try-Out contest, and it shows. Pete's hair annoys me - but he's a teenager, and he looks like it. Uncle Ben is great - I nice that they have the chance here to flesh him out, develop him, so you really feel the void when he's gunned down. Interesting appearance and background on the guy (commune?). A whole issue without costumes... I don't mind. I love characterization, even if Flash and Kong are 2-d for now.

Harry - good update - the old Harry never came off as hip and slick to me before - now he does. MJ - ehhhhh... I'm not sure about this brainy-Janey take on her. Need more info. Their friendship is endearing - she comes across as a better friend than Harry is to Peter. Norman's off to a good start - looks like they finally retired the old hair-doo. I liked those freaky waves!

I wonder where it will ultimately (no pun intended) will go - will Gwen be brought in and killed. How much area will be revisited? At some point, will it too be "bogged down with history" and be rebooted?