JRJR Speaks Out

There's a great JRJR Interview over at Hero's Realm.

[Ed - Interview no longer online.]

Well worth reading. The key points I picked out related to Spider-Man are:

  1. JRJR personally regrets the reboot to #1.
  2. JRJR is commited to working on Spider-Man, although he may flip titles.
  3. The message that people are dissapointed with current Spidey is received.
  4. The addition of Paul Jenkins to the team is working well.
  5. Mary Jane is not dead - or at least that's what JRJR reckons.
  6. The fuss about Organic Webshooters has been recognised.
  7. JRJR has some plans for Spider-Man, and reckons that the teams have more freedom now.

All-in-all, that's great news! Thanks Hero's Realm!