Spider-Man vs. Plato

My good friend Jason Lindsay interesting question...

In other news, I need everyone's opinion on something: Is it possible for movies based on Super-Hero comics to stay true to the comics version, or are they doomed by nature of the beast to be separate, and often imperfect, interpretations?

Imperfect? I don't think there is such a thing. Or more to the point, I disagree that the comics can be considered a 'perfect' standard to be compared against.

Who here has done philosophy 101? Platonic ideals? Basically, there a concept somewhere of a 'perfect' object... a perfect triangle, a perfect cow, a perfect Spider-Man. That's what Plato said, anyhow. Anything which is actually instantiated is, by necessity, imperfect, because the 'real' world is by definition 'imperfect'.

I used to think that the comics were the perfect standard. But recently I've come believe that to have been a rather narrow view. In fact, it's pretty clear that the 'ideal' spiderman is a combination of comics, toys, movies, TV series, and the notion of an 'everyman superhero'.

Regarding the film - compared back to the comics, it will probably get a lot of things quite wrong.

I see this as a fantastic thing. I believe that the movie will most likely represent the 'perfect' Spider-Man much more accurately than the current comics do.

I love Spider-Man, and I want to be involved and enjoy things Spider-ish... new and old, comic and otherwise. What I have come to realise is that all Spider-things have some validity. Just because it's not 'official continuity' means nothing.

Spider-Man Manga, Anime Money Boxes, Hollywood Films, Newspaper Strips, TV Programs. It's Spider-Man. He's bigger than comics. He's a hero... He's The Hero to many people.

Perfect? Imperfect? Comics? Movies? Whatever. If it's Spider-Man, and it's good, then that's good enough for me!