Title Trauma

Whassup with the titles? Well, sadly, Web-Spinners is now finished, with issue #18 being the last of this title. A tragedy of clonic proportions, to my mind. Two panels of Web-Spinners generally carried more innovation and fresh attitude than a twin-issue cross-over of Mackie's Myopic Muck. Oops - title bias showing again. Sorry 'bout that, folks.

Also, the Spider-Man Animated TV Series (and comics) looks seriously in doubt. Comics Continuum says...

It is extremely doubtful that the full first season of the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series will ever air on Fox Kids. Sources told The Continuum that production of the show at Saban Entertainment was halted after nine episodes.

Thirteen episodes of Spider-Man Unlimited were planned for the first season. The show premiered on Oct. 2, 1999, but only three episodes, the two-part "Worlds Apart" and "Where Evil Nests," aired before Fox Kids pulled the series from its lineup.

Fox Kids had released plotlines for all 13 first- season episodes of Spider-Man Unlimited. Plans for the series included Counter-Earth versions of characters such as Vulture, X-51, Deathlok, Electro and Man- Wolf. The season was to end with a cliff-hanger, "Destiny Unleashed, Part 1," in which the High Evolutionary institutes a reign of terror to bring Spider-Man out of hiding and Venom and Carnage make a major strike.

Fox Kids representatives have said that Spider-Man Unlimited "will likely be re-launched," at some point, and a Hollywood trade has mentioned the show being re-titled The New Adventures of Spider-Man.

Will Meugniot, the producer and a writer of Spider- Man Unlimited, now works for Stan Lee Media.

With the Spider-Man live-action movie due next year from Sony, don't be surprised if Spider-Man returns to television. Sources told The Continuum there have been talks about a possible computer-generated Spider-Man animated series.

That sounds like more than just a glitch.

On the bright side, Spider-Woman (Vol.3) is also being cancelled! Issue #18 will be the last in this title.