Resigned to Reissuing

Here's the New Comic Book Releases List for the week of 03/29/2000.

    Avengers #28, 1.99
    DF Ant-Man Christmas Special Alt Cvr (AA), 6.99
    DF Punisher Sgn #1, 29.99
    DF X-Men Children Of The Atom Sgn #1, 29.99
    DFE Magneto Rex Alt Cvr #1 (AA), 6.95
    Marvel The Lost Generation #10 (Of 12), 2.99
    Wolverine #150, 2.99
    X-Force #102, 1.99

And why, you ask, should this be of interest? Well, if you look carefully, you'll see that Marvel is shipping four original comics this week. That's way, way down from the glory days of the mid-90's. Marvel has a very thin offering at the moment. More importantly, there are four signed or alternate cover releases. My question is - how long can you sustain a profit margin based on a line up which is half made up from alternate versions? You can't milk your cash cow if you don't feed it.