High-Heeled Sneakers

This month's photo feature comes from the cover of Spider-Girl #9.

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? Obviously the normal questions arise about companies that depict scantily-clad school girls on the covers of their magazines - but since I bought the comic, I'm not going to persue that in too much detail.

Nope, the real question is... what the heck kind of fighting costume incorporate purple ankle boots with three inch high heels? More to the point, this is the sixth (or perhaps the eighth) costume Mattie has been seen in. So how come we never see any of the 20 hours a week that she spends making new outfits? And where does she keep her boots when she's in her civvies? Peter's boots are thin, with flexible soles, and fit in a pocket. Matties boots would require a decent sized bag to hold them. How come we never see that? And what holds those arm bands up? And just what the heck are they for? And... oh, let's just leave it there, shall we.