Al's Cameo Rave

In an apparent attempt to get Spider-Man fans interested, the first issue of Slingers opens with an appearance of the wall-crawler taking photos of a crime scene; a cameo that amounts to two panels. Does this make the story any better? Of course not, but it's nothing new. Spidey has been used dozens of times over the years in tiny appearances to entice readers, to advertise his own series, or just because every other hero in the Marvel Universe is showing up as well.

Cameo appearances, small as they are, are not the stuff of the Looking Back section but, being as this is the Unofficial Spider-Man Home Page, we are, of course, interested in any wall-crawler sightings.

So, as of now, we're going to start including Cameo appearances in our Comics Database. All cameo apps will be marked as such, so you'll know exactly what your getting into!

But hey, if we've missed any of your favourite fly-by Spidey apps, then let's hear from you! Don't be shy! Send them in!