Al's Abbreviated Aphorisms

Al on Chapter One:

Chapter One routinely drives me into a frenzy. I don't know why I keep reading it. Just one of my monthly doses of teeth-clenching and masochism, I guess. As a friend of mine put it, Chapter One changes just enough to irritate you but not enough to make it truly worthwhile. That says it in a nutshell. Why does Chapter One exist? To give Electro a new costume? Spare me.

Al on Marrow:

Cover of Peter Parker #4: "What new menace has brought Spidey together with the HOTTEST NEW X-MAN... MARROW?!"

Online Question of the Month from Wizard #92: "Which X-Men Member Do You want Dead in 1999? Result? Marrow with 46%. Next closest was Shadowcat with 15%. Hotest new X-Man indeed.