Rumours from Within Marvel

This little piece of news comes from one of the team, who spoke with one of the team within Marvel. Just in case anyone from Marvel ever reads PPP, I have *snipped* the names out of this. But, the story goes...

Having talked myself to [The Marvel Team-Member], I have been told that Mackie is just writing what Marvel tells him to write. Look at it this way: How can the same guy who writes Mutant X ( not too bad of a title) and wrote a great X-Factor run (from #126-#134) and, lest we forget, the guy who also created S.H.O.C. be the same guy who writes the @$#@*& new Spidey comics? I don't think Mackie's the greatest writer, not by a longshot, but he's not TOO bad... the only problem is that Marvel is now Administratively Driven.

[The Marvel Guy] told me that Busiek and the other big writers are walking in a few months. I predict that by 2000, 2001 tops, Bob Harras is no longer Editor-In- Chief, and Marvel might be the story-friendly place it was in the 60's and 80's.

I dunno... Marvel's all ready bankrupt, let's see how long it takes before it realizes WHY.