PPP Goes Quarterly

OK, you noticed that PPP has slowed to a crawl. The problem? Well, the company I work for is in growth-mode at the moment, and I've been doing some long hours, plus spending a lot of time overseas. Great for the career, but not so good for the web page. When I do get home, I really would rather spend time with my family than with my computer.

Rather than just give up altogether, I've decided just to cut back to the bare minimum - which is a quarterly round-up. To be honest, I haven't been enjoying the latest Spider-Man titles (well, Spider-Girl is great, but the rest are completely forgettable). The page will keep going for now, with just the basic maintenance, and maybe next year I'll have a bit more time to bring it back up to a monthly magazine. Heck, if my stock options are finally worth something, maybe I'll hire someone! Heh!