Jason's Jitters (SPOILERS)

Okay, remember in ASM#2, where the Spider-impostor is falling, and Peter runs to her rescue? You can plainly see from the panel that Peter climbs up the side of a building, and leaps across the street to save the Spider-girl, WHILE THE WHOLE CROWD BELOW WATCHES!!! I mean, you can see all the gawkers staring up and plainly seeing Peter in plainclothes displaying his super powers. Why would he do that? Isn't that the most blantant exposure of his secret identity or what? And it's never explained!

Al, you're right about the stories too! We didn't give a hang about the Gathering of the Five in the first place, why drag it over into the reboot? I think Mackie's assignment as sole spider-writer was a GIGANTIC mistake on Marvel's part - they should've got someone like a Waid, or I would actually prefer the man Kurt Busiek, to Mackie and his convoluted drivel.