Florida Marvel Mania Restaurant Cancelled

Hi there, My name is Wade and I work at Universal here in bright and sunny Orlando, Florida. Just to bring you up to speed (to the best of my knowledge from my sources), Marvel Mania has been canceled (again according to my sources that work in P&D). The official reason: There are going to be several Marvel themed restaurants in the actual Marvel Super Hero area of IOA (ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE) thus not warranting the construction of a Marvel Mania in the Universal City Walk area, since it would be essentially competing with itself.

The real reason: The parent company for the Marvel Mania chain, Planet Hollywood, has expanded too quickly and is now feeling the financial toll. They have put a hold on their future expansions, that includes their other franchise holdings, (of which there are a few) and that includes Marvel Mania. Bummer!

However, on the bright side, the Spiderman ride is going to be terrific! It combines the three D effects of our Terminator 2 show and the motion base technology of our Back to the Future! In short it's probably going to kick ass! If have any questions about anything, shoot me an email. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to find out. Like your page.