Bye-bye Love, Bye-bye Happiness...

Rumours are still buzzing about Mary-Jane and Peter suffering some serious marriage difficulties. My guess is that it will tie in with the missing baby - a subplot which surely can't sit on the back burner for too much longer. Wouldn't it be great it also signalled a return to the hot-spirited Mary-Jane from days of yore?

For those of you who don't know the history, Mary-Jane was introduced as a contrast to the sweet and mild 'settling-down kind of girl', Gwen Stacy. Of course, Peter and Gwen were an item in the early days, but Mary-Jane was too lively to limit herself to just one guy. A year or so (comic time) after Gwen died, Peter proposed to MJ, but she turned him down. Then, a couple of years after that, Mary-Jane was reinvented and given an unhappy childhood, a deeper personality, and a back-dated knowledge of Spider-man's identity. Et voila! Marriage wasn't far off.

Of course, myself, I just dig redhead fashion models in tight jeans!