Marvel Cuts Spider-Man Titles

The huge news for Spidey fans is that Marvel is apparently planning to cancel a bunch of books including Sensational Spider-Man. (The other cancellations are Excalibur, Maverick, What If?, the Star Trek books, Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night, Ka-Zar, Journey into Mystery, Elektra, Quicksilver.

As part of the re-structuring, Marvel Team-Up becomes quarterly (although of course Spider-Man is leaving that title shortly anyhow), and Spectacular Spider-Man is becoming a guest-artist title, featuring stories from various times in Spider-Man continuity.

Personally, this is fantastic news. I feel redeemed. For years, I and many people I talk to have been saying that quantity has been squeezing out quality in the Spider-Man universe. This is the best Christmas present Marvel could have given me. Now we might really see the Spider-Man team focusing on originality, creative impact, consistency, solid character development, and long-term sustainability.

I'm just amazed that Marvel haven't cut any deeper into the X-titles. Excalibur, Elektra and Quicksilver isn't a lot to trim from that rotting, gangrenous mass of X-muck which oozes out of the sewage-recycling ponds more commonly known as Marvel's Mutant Division! Surely Doctor, amputation is the only way to save the patient!