A Word From Al

Is anybody reading the letters pages these days? Have you noticed how only positive letters are being published? The last negative comments I can remember were back when they printed every comment that came in concerning Peter Parker: Spider-Man #75. What has happened to the critical letters? Either (1) everybody has loved every issue that has appeared since Peter regained the webs; or (2) everyone who is disgruntled is not bothering to write any letters; or (3) Ralph Macchio has imposed a little editorial bias on the situation.

Have any of you out there written any negative letters to Spidey? Here comes mine.

    Dear Ralph,

    I couldn't help but notice lately that the only letters you print are positive ones. In Sensational, through that Chicken Cow thing, through that Valley Girl Pharoah thing... praise. In Amazing, through countless Ninjas, through lame martial artists, through uninteresting mystery villains... gushes. In Peter Parker, through the disappointing Morbius bite thing, through the stagnant Crown thing... plaudits. In Spectacular... okay, I can understand it with Spectacular.

    Anyway, I was hoping you could print maybe a negative letter or two, say maybe every other month, just so I'll know I'm not the only guy on the planet who isn't wild about the current storylines. Just one letter, would do it, Ralph, so I don't feel like the last of my species on earth. What do you say?

    Your pal,


    P.S. Printing MY letter doesn't count.