Current Favourites

I really enjoyed the recent Daily Bugle three part B/W limited series. Peter makes a bit of an appearance, but Betty does a lot of the hard work - with contributions from JJJ, and various other Bugle staffers. "Daily Bugle" came across as very fresh and relaxed - although the sudden changes in inker during part 3 where a little unsettling. When the colour is stripped away, you really can appreciate the work that the inker does in a book. Let's hope we see some more B/W issues now and again just to keep us on our toes.

Also, off the subject a little, I really enjoyed Dead-Pool #2. When I first heard that Dead-Pool was going to get his own series, I sighed, and figured "Not another X-Title!" I ummed and erred a little after reading issue #1, being a little suspicious that DP was going to end up being painted as a mis-understood hero. OK, so maybe he is, but issue #2 is a roller-coaster haphazard journey laced with brutal death and witty come-backs that shows a great sense of pace and a total disregard for formula plots. I loved it.