Marvel On Toast

As you probably know by now, Marvel has run into deep doo-doo financially, having filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I had read that they have defaulted on some of their interest payments, although a statement from the CEO said it was business as usual and all payments past and present will be met.

Stock prices have plummeted. Ron Perlman (current majority owner) has made an offer to stockholders which would increase his effective stake - however there is some suspicion about the offer, and possible legal issues to be resolved.

As for the future? There is talk of Marvel buying Toy-Biz, making more games, films and TV stuff, and opening theme restaurants. Basically working on everything except comics. Guess we might see a further hatchet job being done on Marvel's comic line-up until there is nothing but 6 Spider-Titles and 22 X-Titles.

The problem has really been the collapse of the comics market. Five or so years back, the comics market grew immensely. New companies formed, comic shops were opened everywhere, and X-Men went from three titles to eight. There were a couple of great years but now the hype is fading away and things are starting to get tight. Still, there'll always be a Spider-Man - won't there?