Lizards and Scorpions (Teensy Spoilers)

Well, at last the mess about the Lizard is cleared up. Remember a while back that a (rather disappointing) new-look lizard appeared out of nowhere to take a place in the "Scarlet Spider" super specials in 1995, before taking a brief holiday in the Ultraverse. No explanation was given for the change in appearance and attitude (being entirely beastial). Well, Spectacular #238 finally reveals the story behind it all.

It seems that the new lizard was created by Doc Connor's assistant while searching for a cure for Curt. But never fear, the Original Lizard is back with a vengeance - lisping his evils plans as he thirsts for the the blood of the soft and weak pink-skinned Spider-Man. Joy, oh joy!

As for the Scorpion. Remember that he decided to turn over a new leaf back in Spectacular #216 and #217. Just as he managed to find his own humanity within himself, Spider-Man (remember his "I am The Spider" phase) comes across him and beats the bejeasus out of poor Scorpy. Well, as Spider-Man Unlimited #13 reveals, this knocked some sense out of Mac Gargan, and the Scorpion is BACK. I don't know what happened to that sick little Scorpia girl - but she had just better keep her head down, 'cos Mac is back in town.

All in all, it really heralds a new age of Spider-Man. After "Scarlet Spider", "Clones, Clones, and More Clones" along with "Ms. Doctor Octopus", it looks like the worst is over. Sanity might well prevail.