Pencils and Inks, Good and Bad

Mike Wieringo and Richard Case made their debut in Sensational #8. Maybe they tried extra hard for the first issue, but either way it was superb. Sure, it doesn't look like the Spider-Man I'm used to (Andru and Kane are my heroes). The faces are softer, and have more depth, thanks to airbrush and computer color separations I presume. Still, the art is slick and finished.

Not so on Adjectiveless and Spectacular. I'm sure it can't be John Romita or Sal Buscema at fault - so I'm gonna lay the blame on Stanisci's (un)finished pencils and Al Williamson's unfinished Inks. Both books are a slap in the face after the glossy look on Sensational. Still, Luke Ross starts in #239 of Spectacular, so let's see if he can't get things moving again.