Sex and Violence: Well, Mostly Violence

I just read "Carnage: Mind Bomb", and I have to say it's pretty juicy. It's the first time I've seen Carnage done quite this dark and raw. In fact it's probably the most violent book I've ever seen out of Marvel. The cover looks rather 'Mass-Market', but the contents are anything but. Not recommended for those of tender years.

It has always suprised me how much more tolerant society is of violence than it is of sex. A 16 year old can be married, and yet still be several years too young to watch a sex video showing consenting adults doing fun things that they probably ought to know about, but aren't permitted to. On the other hand - violence? No problem! That same 16 year old can watch a whole library of material depicting graphic, brutal acts that ain't going to be legal at any age.

So, how are we doing when it comes to encouraging healthy stuff like fun sex, and discouraging unhealthy stuff like brutal violence? Not too good really, huh?

But back to "Mind Bomb" (which incidentally didn't have any obvious warnings on the cover). I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it - but I knew that if it where real that I wouldn't like it at all. Yet if a comic dares to depict a naked human being then it's probably going to end up with an "Recommended for Adults" on the cover - in spite of the fact that what it shows would actually be rather pleasant if it were real. Go figure!