This Month's Gripe

I normally have a moan about something or other. I'm not sure what to complain about this month. My comic shop lost my copy of Web #129, but that hardly qualifies as a piquant criticism of the modern comics genre. I was going to complain that poor Peter never seems to see his friends any more - but then I remembered that they had all been killed off to sustain reader interest. Sure is tough being a Super-Hero, your friends have to snuff it so that you can keep your ratings.

Oh, I know what I can winge about. I hate the way that Ben Reilly has such a scrambled personality. We've seen so many contradictory sides to him that it just makes no sense. Compare the Ben from "Lost Years" to the bland side-kick from Max Clonage. I have real trouble identifying with Ben - and that is mostly because a zillion different scripters have been let loose with him. Perhaps getting all the comics to himself for a few months will cement things. Let's wait and see.