Superior Spider-Week Round-Up

Last week, some of us may know that Marvel released TONS of Spider-Man news. They named it Superior Spider-Week. It may include some SPOILERS FOR UPCOMING ISSUES OF SPIDER-MAN:

Monday- Marvel released a preview of Superior Spider-Man #9. Really, it doesn't reveal anything at all.

Tuesday- Marvel is releasing a new miniseries, "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man." It will include the new Sinister Six, as shown in Superior Spider-man #1. It will be written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Steve Leiber. The book will mainly revolve around Boomerang. In an interview, Spencer said that he was trying to show readers the life of these C-listers. How does Marvel expect this to sell? Let's hope it isn't worse than Deadly Foes of Spider-Man and Lethal Foes of Spider-Man.

Wednesday- Marvel is also releasing a new mini, "Superior Carnage." It is another of Marvel's infamous Carnage miniseries, written by Kevin Shinick and drawn by Stephen Segovia. Apparently, The Wizard will be using the Carnage symbiote to help him in evil deeds. Yeah, I don't expect him to be alive by the end of the mini.

Thursday- Superior Shadowland has been revealed to be the next arc for Superior Spider-Man. Otto Octavius has decided to go and clean up Shadowland, which will have an effect on every comic book's perspective of NYC. Spidey will also be sporting a new costume that looks much like Ben Reilly's.

Friday- Marvel revealed yet another new Spider-Man title, "Superior Spider-Man Team-Up." It's practically the equivalent of Avenging spider-Man. It will be written by Chris Yost and drawn by David Lopez. No information has been revealed on whether "Avenging" is being cancelled or not.