Superior Spider-Man...fired from the Avengers!?

A few weeks ago, Marvel released a teaser image about the new Superior Spiderman possibly being fired from the Avengers. I say "possibly" because in an interview with Dan Slott, he was as reluctant to give us a solid answer as ever.

So, do you think that the Avengers will keep Doc Ock as an avenger? In Amazing Spider-man #683, the Avengers considered that Doc Ock could possibly be saving Earth from global warning. If they accepted him then, why not now? Hawkeye was a villain before he became an Avenger, so couldn't the same rules apply to Ock? Plus, Wolverine and Hulk are both time bombs waiting to go off, just like him. The Avengers could be the most unstable team of all time! (No, that's the X-Men. Just kidding.) So, is Spidey an Avenger or not? E-mail me your comments.