Broadway turns the Spider-Man lights back on

According to a pair of stories from The NY Post, that can be found here and here. Not only has the play been completely revamped, but former director, Julie Taymor who is looking for 300,000 in compensation for her work on the play (which is the most expensive in the history of the Great White Way.

The beleaguered "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" swung into more trouble yesterday, when the production was hit with an arbitration claim for allegedly stiffing ousted director Julie Taymor on royalty payments. The Tony-winning "Lion King" director is owed more than $300,000 to date for her work on the $70 million Spidey musical, her union, the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, said in its filing.

For their part, Bono and The Edge refused to directly slam her, but did indicate that they are finally pleased with the way the new play shakes out.

The Edge said Taymor was given the boot after it became a question of whether she was with them when they and producers decided to go on hiatus for an overhaul, which had been referred to as "Plan X." "When Plan X was presented, she said, 'That could never be achieved in a three-week period. You'd need months to do that, and it probably won't work anyway for X, Y, and Z reasons,' " the guitarist told the Times.

Bono added:

...Bono said he felt paralyzed. "Julie was trying to wrestle with the logistics as well as the art, and that's when I felt fairly impotent," Bono said.

Hopefully now, the play will go on to not only make some sense (and well, money for it's investors), but to play for a good long run