Ultimate Spider-Man #150 (or Thereabouts)

As Ultimate Spider-Man collectors will be aware, the pointless re-boot of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man has come to an end with #15 being the last of that short-lived title.

If you're like me, you probably haven't really enjoyed "Ultimate" as much since the events of Ultimatum killed off half your favorite characters and turned Spider-Man's home into a 50% cut-down version of The Brady Bunch.

I could never buy the idea that you could wipe out half of New York, and then a few months later it's all cleaned up and nobody ever talks about it. Seriously? Does anybody here remember September 11th? Yeah, I thought so. Now multiply that damage and loss of life by a factor of several thousand and see how long it would take to (a) rebuild and (b) stop talking about it.

But whatever you may think of the new, messed-up Ultimate Universe, anybody with basic numeracy skills will notice that since Ultimate Spider-Man originally halted at issue #133, then after 15 issues of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man that would make 148 issues in total.

So how come the "return to Ultimate Spider-Man" begins with issue #150 and not #149? The answer is simple - it would seem that the editorial team is soundly asleep at the wheel.