Spider-Man musical opening pushed back again!

Yep, you read that right, kids, the Spider-Man musical Turn off the Dark has once again pushed back its opening date (from Jan. 11 to sometime in Feb.) The reason for this is that a stuntman playing Spidey was injured when his harness snapped and he fell some 30 feet into the orchestra pit. The technical Dress rehearsal (which was playing to a live audience), was halted,and the stuntman was rushed to the hospital.

Sources at the play indicated that the opening has been pushed back and that the stuntman is okay.

You can read longer reports of the incident here and here, and see a video from a local news channel here.

We hate to think it, kids, but it seems that it won't be the Green Goblin who stops Spidey, but Actor Equity, who wants the play shut down for safety reasons.