Spider-Man Comic in the NY Daily News!

If you Spideyphiles haven’t already picked up your copy of today’s NY Daily News, then you had better rush right out to find one as there is a new 12-page comic staring our favorite Web-Slinger. In the comic (which is the full tabloid-size of the paper itself rather than a standard comicbook size) Has Peter and Aunt May riding the subway through Midtown with Perter bemoaning the fact that he is now unemployed.

May — ever a huge fan of her nephew — tells him that he is talented and will find work. Well, through a series of quick incidents, Pete & May meet up with real-life NYC, Mayor Bloomberg (who apparently rids the subway all the time)*. The Mayor informs Peter that there is a new agency that helps unemployed New Yorkers to find work. Workforce is free to anyone living in NY and he should avail himself of its services.

Right about now, they reach their stop (at City Hall), when Pete spots the Vulture overhead. Excusing himself, he ducks out to capture the high-flying criminal, only to return to the impromptu meeting with the Mayor to get a text from Iron Man concerning some Avenger duty (another villain is attacking the City).

Once the two heroes best the villain (a robotic T-Rex), Pete returns to offer the Mayor a new Tie to replace the one that he accidentally ruined while they were on the Subway.

The tale ends with The Mayor restating the PSA about Workforce. The comic ends with a listing and map of the various Workforce offices, as well as info on how to download the Marvel app for your iPhone.

Anyway, the comic is actually pretty cool, and for 50¢ you can snag yourself a Spidey comic (I got two).

*As Pete is meeting Bloomberg it is immediately obvious to those of us who read the comic that this takes place outside of current ASM continuity as in Spidey‘s world, his old boss J. Jonah Jameson is now the Mayor of the Big Apple.