Two Spider-Man Podcasts

The guys at "The Dollar Bin" posted an in-depth voice interview with Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. They talk a lot about their work on Spider-Girl and Spider-Man. Head over and spend some time listening to the podcasts, here are part one and part two (with lots more about Spider-Girl).

Secondly, Jon Wilson recently told me about his involvement in the project to podcast a review of every Spider-Man book ever, from the beginning. Of course, since they are reviewing at an average rate of one month per comic and new books are being produced at five per month, I give them Sisyphus-like odds of succeeding in their final goal... which is to say, about as much chance as my recently abandoned attempt to watch every video on YouTube.

However, their efforts are decidedly worth of mention, so please do point your audio devices in the general direction of