Spider-Man News from SDCC (via CBR)

Comic Book Resources has posted a couple of interesting interviews come out of CCI (Comic-Con International).

First up, there's a major interview featuring all of the current Spidey writers. Much of it is reminiscing about the events of "Brand New Day". But folks who enjoy knowing what's coming up will be interested to hear what Mark Waid has to say about the "Origin of the Species" story line.

Also from CBR with more of an eye to the future is this Spider-Man teasers and news which says much about the upcoming "The Big Time" era, including the new shipping schedule (twice a month, 30 pages per issue) and a single writer (Dan Slott).

That second article also talks about the two upcoming mini-series "Osborn" and "Carnage". It also has art and images of upcoming story-lines, plus it talks about the End of Spider-Girl and... The New Spider-Girl!