Spider-Man on Broadway - One Last Chance

Seems like the Spider-Man Broadway Musical is still stumbling its way to disaster.

The obscurely-named “Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark” has lost most of its stars one-by-one, officially due to "scheduling conflicts" caused by the ongoing delays. Of course, the more skeptical among us might say that scheduling conflicts would be a nice way to disassociate yourself from a show that is clearly struggling to see the light of day.

The opening date has been sliding for the last couple of years, and Barry's Tickets are now offering seats for August 1st and August 8th. I wouldn't take that to heart though, since the Spidey Show page at Barry's Tickets is clearly not up-to-date, and contains numerous references to the (missed) February opening for which refunds were issued.

The list of people who have left the production continues to grow. Original lead producer David Garfinkle is gone, with the New York Post describing him as "inexperienced and inept". Jennifer Damiano has replaced Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane, and Patrick Page has replaced Alan Cummings as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. At least Reeve Carney is still in the role of Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

On the legal front, Marvel has graciously extended the license period for the show to give it a little more time. According to MTV, that extension will be the last. This is make or break for Spider-Man on Broadway.

The best place to follow the full story is at IMDB's News for Reeve Carney.