Disney now owns Marvel

For 4 Billion dollars, Disney has purchased Marvel Entertainment Inc. Speculation was rampant, leading to several amusing parodies of faux Marvel-Disney crossovers.

In his own column, Marvel EiC Joe Quesada assures fans that there will be no changes to the content in the comics.

"Bob made it very clear that they had no intention of changing the content of our books or sanitizing our material. What this simply means is that Marvel is still Marvel and the comics that you know and love will continue as they always have. And, we'll continue to give you guys the greatest comics in the world."

It also seems, that the deals Marvel has with Sony and Universal Studios will still stand, although it is possible we might see attractions at Disney's theme parks down the line.

"Marvel also has a deal giving the Universal Studios theme parks rights to Marvel attractions in Florida and Japan, but Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said the company could mine Marvel's properties for rides at its parks in California, France, Hong Kong and elsewhere." Source

Where this will all truly lead remains to be seen.