Sing, Spidey, Sing!

Bono and Edge, (both from Irish Rocker uber group U2 in case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of decades) have finally gone on the record for the first time about the upcoming Spider-Man Broadway mucical.

Yes, you read that right, (and it is one of the signs of the oncoming Apocolypse), Broadway Spider-Man Musical.

Well, the Rock superstars from U2 have just revealed to London's The Sun that their Spider-Man musical will be ready to hit Broadway later this year.

"It's in a pretty good state, and I hope it'll open this year. We're not sure where in the world, but most likely it will be in New York."

Edge then went on to tell Q Magazine he and pal Bono have always hoped to write a musical and have also been involved in the show's plot and dialogue.

He said: "The overall story was really Julie working with Glenn, and Bono and myself riding shotgun with the odd idea here and there — as they do for the songs."

The Axeman also revealed the show won't have a full orchestra, just up to 20 musicians — string players, brass, some woodwind. He added: "The core will be a rock 'n' roll band."

He indicated that musicals are not normally his thing, but a rock 'n' roll Spider-Man, was something that might just catch him in its web.