Ditko Comics & Spider-Man RiffTrax

Couple of commercial news items today.

First up, you could be excused for not noticing, but Steve Ditko has released his first super-hero work of this century.

Entitled "Ditko, Etc." it's a self-published collection of 1-pagers and short story sequences. Find out more and order by visiting the Ditko Books in Print page at BobH's "Steve Ditko Comics Weblog" Blogspot page.

Secondly, if you find it really disturbing when people talk when you're trying to watch a movie, then you're gonna really hate RiffTrax.

But if you're a big fan of MST3K, then you're in for a treat. The three voices behind MST3K have teamed up to bring you their own special brand of background chatter to help liven up your favorite Hollywood Classic Blockbusters.

And yeah, that includes all three Spider-Man movies. There's free samples for each, so you can decide if you think what they think is funny is funny. Does that make sense?

Me, I'm pretty good at doing my own inane chatter all through films, so I don't need to pay the $3.99 to have somebody else do it for me.

Although... these guys are the professionals...