Mini Marvels, Rock, Paper Scissors

Chris Giarrusso's newest Mini Marvel digest Marvel Comic, Mini Marvels Rock, Paper Scissors has recently hit the store shelves, however, according to a personal conversation with Chris about the Mini Marvel's book, and according to him, the initial cover (featuring Spidey was severely under-ordered and and sold out in under a month; making the first cover.

Further, while there has been a reprint (with Wolverine on the cover) he wanted to point out that (for some unknown reason) the book does not have very significant retailer support and tends to fly under the radar, so it's unlikely this book will be found in a comic shop unless it is order requested by a knowledgeable fan.

In fact, according to Chris, "Though it's an obvious all-ages title, Marvel is not offering this book in the bookstore market." He went on to say that, "I just want to do whatever I can to spread awareness of the book and overcome the obstacles it's facing."

So I think that it is obvious what us fans of Mini Marvels should do, and that is to pick up a copy of the digest, and (if you can't find it in your shop) ask your retailer to order you a copy.