Spider-Man: The Icon Goes On-Line

Steve Saffel dropped us an email to say:

As you may know, I'm the writer of the new book SPIDER-MAN: THE ICON, released a couple of weeks ago by Titan Books. This is a lavishly-illustrated, 320-page history of the character as he's been seen by the public throughout his career in comics, movies, television, toys, games, novels, the news media and more. It was exciting to write, and allowed me to explore the history of pop culture and the corporate timeline of Marvel Comics, as well.:

Though we followed events right up to the moment of publication, such a book is never finished, so I sought a way to continue the discussion, one-on-one, with readers and fans. And the book is filled with hundreds of pieces of information—while I tried to get it right, I can't imagine that I batted a thousand.:

The comics news site Newsarama generously agreed to post excerpts at www.newsarama.com, and the latest one is Excerpt Two. They also set up a Forum.

Now I need your help in spreading the word. The more fans we have joining the discussion, the more exciting it will be. I want the readers to be brutal, letting me know if there's something in the record that needs to be set straight. At the same time, I want to hear stories, about favorite moments in the comics, a reader's first encounter with the web-slinger, or that one collectible that will never be forgotten.

This is 21st century publishing, allowing us to keep the book flowing long after it's been printed. I hope you'll help, and perhaps even join in the fun yourself.