Spider-Man Week in New York

According to the NY Daily News (www.nydailynews.com) Our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler will be getting the Red Carpet treatment as the Big Apple gears up for the launch of Spider-Man 3! So, if you are in the City that never sleeps from April 30 to May 6, then you will get to be a part of the city as it plays host to Spider-Man Week. The celebration is slated to be a five- borough-wide celebration that encompasses more than two-dozen live events, screenings, parties, and exhibits all revolving around our Webbed Hero. It's all part of honoring the city that has been central to the Marvel Comics legend since his beginning in 1962 and right through the new "Spider-Man 3," which is opening up on May 4.

You can get More Information and also see some Very Cool Pictures from the upcoming Spidey-Flick.

Ain't life grand?