3 Dev Adam DVD Shipping Now

A while back we posted some news about the Turkish "Spider-Man" movie commonly known as the" 3 Dev Adam Movie". We reported that the site had suffered a security problem, and noted some delays in shipping.

A couple of weeks back we received an email from the guys releasing the film, Onar Films, pointing out that they had been completely open with their customers and assuring us that they had resolved the site security problem.

Furthermore, I received an email today from Matt@Poptique, from which I quote:

I received my copy of Onar's 3 Dev Adam DVD earlier this week and have posted a review on my blog already. They've done a really good job - the film looks much better than the bootlegs and the extras are amazing (especially for a fan of Turkish Cinema like myself).

I hope you'll stick a link to my review on your site, or better still post one of your own!

So there you go. The DVD is now shipping, the quality seems good, and the security problem seem to be over. So if that's the kind of thing you enjoy, then I'm sure you'll enjoy that kind of thing.