Dev 3 Adam Movie Released on DVD

Ever seen the 3 Dev Adam film? Made in Turkey a good few years back, this low budget movie features Captain America and Santo battling a criminal named Spider-Man. This movie is violent and offensive, and bears no resemblance to the Marvel Spider-Man other than the costume and likeness, which is almost certainly used without permission.

This film was formerly only available as a bootleg. But the guys at Onar Films have managed to track down a VHS copy of the movie, and have digitally cleaned it up to release on DVD as a limited run.

A couple of warnings though. It looks like Onar are having some problem finding a translator for the subtitles, so the date is sliding out. Also, their site was hacked a while back, though they claim to have the security problems fixed now. Just beware though, these guys aren't Amazon - so be careful and don't get burned.

(Info thanks to Albert Asker).