Teshkeel releases first Marvel Arabic Title

Spectacular Spider-Man, the first children's magazine to feature the popular character in the region, is now available in 13 countries including the GCC, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The magazine, which caters to pre-teens, hopes to address the lack of quality children's entertainment in the region.

'We are thrilled at the chance to bring the excitement and universal appeal of Marvels' superheroes to the Middle East. This is our first step in establishing a new direction in children's media that will fill the void and provide quality entertainment for the Arab audience,' says Dr. Al-Mutawa, founder and CEO of Teshkeel Media Group.

Spider-Man was chosen as Teshkeel's first release because of the character's international following based on the success of the comic book series and the Hollywood blockbuster films.

The magazine, which is published by Teshkeel Comics, will follow Spider-Man's adventures each month. Every issue comes individually wrapped and includes a free gift, as well as exclusive access to upcoming events, contests and promotions. Subscriptions for the magazine will be available through www.teshkeelcomics.com.

Upcoming publications from Teshkeel will include comic books and trade paperbacks featuring several of Marvel's most well known and successful titles like Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Incredible Hulk. Additional titles are also being planned for release to coincide with the upcoming X-Men 3 and Ghost Rider motion pictures.

With its combination of world famous licensed properties and its high quality, locally developed content, Teshkeel is well positioned to become a major multi- media company and the leading international player in the publishing of Arabic language juvenile properties throughout the Arab-speaking world. Teshkeel is the exclusive publisher for Marvel titles in Arabic throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

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