Paul Jenkins - Masculinity Proven!

Spider-Man comics writer Paul Jenkins never had any problem with his deadlines at Marvel, but starting a family seemed to be more of a challenge. But that's all sorted now, as he himself announced to the world...

"Just wanted to say that after two and a half years of hard work my wife Melinda is finally KNOCKED UP! Yes, that's right -- the boys work. A picture of the little bugger is attached. I have already forbidden him to read comic books, although swearing and chasing after girls is actively encouraged.

At the moment I am trying to decide between Torak the Slayer and Gondor the Destroyer as a name for the little guy. Suggestions are welcome."

Norman, Jr. was my personal suggestion. Nothing like a name with some history in it, I say. Staffer Mike Fichera suggested "Kevin Barker Jenkins". But in any case, here's a big cheer to Paul and his lovely wife, from all of us here at SpiderFan.Org.