Movie: Venom and Sandman

This item reproduced from Newsarama.

On a press junket for her upcoming film Elizabethtown, actress Kirsten Dunst appears to have let the cat - as well as the sand and the symbiote - out of the bag.

In talking to the website, Dunst apparently confirmed what has been rumored for months, that is, the villains in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 will be Venom and the Sandman, played by Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church, respectively...she thinks. Although she had the order reversed at first and then corrected herself, then added, "Maybe I wasn't supposed to say that."

According to the report, Dunst checked with her rep, who assured her that the information had already been released. Yes, by Dunst, right then, technically, but to date, there has been no official word from either Sony or Marvel in regards to the villains in the film, though, as stated, rumor and speculation had been focused on the two villains since their respective casting announcements. Of course, as is this is far from an "official" word, and publicity stunts are far from unheard of in Hollywood, there's also the chance that the whole thing could be a worm on a hook put out there to see what nibbles it would get. Although, given that Elizabethtown and Spider-Man 3 a coming from different studios, the using of one press junket to advertise another studio's film casts the "publicity stunt" angle into some doubt.