Encyclopedia Errata Addition

This one was posted to the Comicboards.

I disagree it's a "BIG ERROR", but anyway...

Old Spidey Fan (Dave Hutchenson) writes:

How many of y'all have the Marvel Encyclopedia SPIDER- MAN?????????? It is really neat, and it's cool that on the page to the left of the contents page, you find the following............

WRITER/RESEARCHER Jonathan Couper-Smartt(I always thought his name was jonathan Couper)

Below.....Jonathan Couper-Smartt would like to thank: Jeff Christiansen, Mike Fichera,Henrique Ferreira. below that is www.spiderfan.org

Y'all all need to read the entry on MJ. It is really good, but there is a big error in it. Have y'all spotted it??????

I will give y'all a chance at correcting the mistake. On page 212, in the fifth paragraph. So I won't give it away too easily I will include part of another paragraph.

"Expecting a dowdy girl, Peter was stunned by Mary Jane's beauty and charm. He had hit the jackpot. Remembering a bookish, bespectacled nerd, MJ never imagined the confident young college student Peter had become. Nor, when a TV bulletin announced the the Rhino was at large in the city, did she expect him to suggest they ride into town on his motorcycle and catch the action. When Peter immediately disappeared to take photos, and Spider-Man turned up moments later, Mary Jane bit her tongue and feigned surprise at the coincidence. Mary Jane dated Peter a couple more times and became part of his circle of friends--joining Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy and Flash Thompson. When Peter and Gwen fell deeply in love, Mary Jane casually dated Harry until his drug addiction ended the relationship.

Where is their factual error???????? Should be easy, because at least of y'all pointed it out(when I wasn't)!

and the answer is, when someone responded correctly:

the previous poster got it right, it was mj who practically railroaded Pete into going to see the Rhino!