Spider-Man Comes to India

I'm sure you're aware of Spidey being adapted and published in other cultures. Well, it seems the good citizens of India are next in line for a Spidey tailored to their taste! We were sent the following email and the pictures above from a person who identified themselves as Fox Mulder.

Gotham Comics and Marvel comics have decided to release an indianized version of Spiderman. In this comic Spiderman is born in Bombay and is given his Spider Abilities by a Tantrik (witch doctor). He has been given a completly new look for this comic. Even the names have been changed.

Peter Paker = Pavitr Prabhakar
Mary Jane = Meera Jain
Uncle Ben = Uncle Bhim
Aunt May = Aunt Maya
Norman Osburn = Nalin Oberoi

The Green Goblin has been replaced by a Mythological Demon from the past. The Comics are expected to be released in the India and U.S to co-incide with the release of Spiderman 2.

Thanks for the info!