Spider-Girl Doing Business Her Own Way...

Last month we told you about the new campaign started over at the Spider-Girl Message Board to promote Spider-Girl. It seems things have been going well, with more media coverage.

Probably the best news though is found at this post :

Since October 2001, the original trade (still priced at $19.95!) has sold 349,926 copies.

In two days (or even just a few months if that counts pre-orders), the new digest ($7.99) has sold 224,111 copies!

I'd say that that's a strong showing! And that's just B&N's sales!

It looks like that $7.99 price tag was a great way to go!

A site totally dedicated to this campaign and informing fans on how to help out has been launched at Spider-Girl.com. So head over there and check it out for yourselves.