Mary-Jane Gets Her Own Comic

Mary Jane is set to get her own ongoing monthly comic. The comic will be written by Sean McKeever (Sentinel) and drawn by artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

It is to be published under the new Marvel Age banner. It is also to be set in yet another 'universe' where MJ hangs out with Harry, Flash, Peter and the gang at high school, though in modern times. Sounds a bit like the Ultimate universe, but apparantly its not!

Here's what McKeever had to say to is mailing list:

This brand-new series begins in June, and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's a teen-drama series featuring Mary Jane Watson in high school with her friends Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Harry Osborn, and Harry's nerdy pal, Peter Parker. The art for this series is by the magnificent Takeshi Miyazawa, who most recently filled in on the sleeper-hit series, Runaways.

Mary Jane will be part of Marvel Age, a sub-imprint of books designed to attract new readers. It takes place within its own continuity, developed by editor MacKenzie Cadenhead and myself. Every issue will contain a stand-alone tale with ongoing character plotlines, just like a television drama. The potential for this series within and outside of the comicbook-store market is huge, and it's the most proud and jazzed I've been about a project since The Waiting Place, and I hope that even those who read comics mostly for superhero action will check it out.

In other MJ news, there is new Mary-Jane hardcover book on the way as well.