WARNING: Spidey Animated DVD a No-Zone!

Here's a story to take warning from about the new MTV Spider-Man Animated series just released on DVD:

Hmm... having put my copy in at pre-order on Amazon, and paid my hefty air-mail postage, hoping to finally watch this series and spread the good word... my disk turns up and is the first ever DVD that doesn't play in my Sony multi-zone DVD player!

No problem, I thought. I actually own an old zone 1 player I bought ages ago. Well, no go there too... it reads the menu, then craps out on the first chapter!

Looks like Sony forgot to publicize the fact that it's one of those fancy new active zone-checking disks. But don't worry, we'll spread the word for you, and let all those non-U.S. fans know not to bother getting too excited, and we'll warn all those folks with old DVD players not to bother trying!

As you can tell, this whole thing ruined my evening, and I'm far from pleased about it.

Thanks, Sony! :(

So, if you don't live in the US, it looks like this DVD release is no go!