New Ongoing Spider-Man Series

There have been two new ongoing Spider-Man series announced over the past month.

The first series may sound vaguely familiar, its called Unlimited Spider-Man and will feature stories mainly by unknown writers and artists. The format will be a 2 11-page stories per issue. Each issue will be released bi-monthly and is due to launch in January. For more details as always Newsarama has more details. You may find this title naggingly familiar for two reasons. First, a similar themed title, Spider-Man's Tangled Web, was cancelled not so long ago. Secondly, two previous Spider-Man series and a television series were similarly titled "Spider-Man Unlimited".

The second series is at the moment untitled but will be set in regular Spidey continuity and helmed my Mark Millar and Terry Dodson. It's an ongoing monthly series. You can read about the announcement with an interview with Mark Millar here at Newsarama. Another interview with Joe Quesada, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson can be found here at Newsarama. The series will most likely launch in March or April of 2004.