More Gus Beezer and Spidey

Another Spidey One-Shot is on the way, Gail Simone returns to the Gus Beezer property for another team-up with Spider-Man. You can check out the full details in an interview with Gail at Comic Book Resources. Here's a snippet:

"In December, fans will see the release of "Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer & Spider-Man," the second time these two characters have met and Simone explains the simple reason for Gus returning with good 'ol Webhead. "The most popular story we did by far was the Spider-Man issue, and this is a sequel of sorts. We will see both Dunbar and Gus's horrifying sister, Emily, as well as his friends from previous stories. But it's not necessary to have read those stands on its own, I think."